Today Just Sucked

Ever just had a really crappy day?

It’s not like a catastrophic day.  Nothing bad actually happened.  It just sometimes seems like frustration is constantly around the corner, begging me to indulge it.

I couldn’t get my garden to look the way I wanted it to.  I bought a new television stand, and I think it look atrocious in my living room.  We can’t put the old one back because it broke when we moved it out.  I rearranged all of my furniture to accommodate the tv stand, and I think it still looks bad.  My children are not listening to me at all.  I’m getting seriously annoyed at the sound of my voice at this point saying the same thing over and over again.  My baby won’t sleep.  My house is a mess.  I think everyone cried at least once during dinner.

And no matter what I do, this little voice is following me around telling me every single thing I am doing wrong and pointing out all of the ways that I am failing everyone around me.

Often I think that the best thing to try to do is nothing.  Because every time I try to accomplish something, it ends up a mess.

I get that there are bad days.  I know that I won’t ever even remember this one unless I go back and read this post sometime in the future.

But still.  Indulge me a bit.  Feel sorry for me.  I surely do.

Today just really sucked.

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I blog about deliberate, purposeful living and parenting. I'm a bit sappy. I mostly like to talk about ideas that inspire me to more effectively live and interact with the world around me. Sometimes I try to be funny, but there is a slight chance that I am the only one who actually gets my humor.
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