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Let Your Light Shine

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was having difficulty with the idea of blogging.  I was letting all of the negative comments get to me.   Some of these comments were written, but most of them never actually … Continue reading

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I’ve spent the latter part of today feeling vulnerable. I’ve had a problem with this blog of sorts.  It wasn’t a big problem; at least I don’t think it is at this point.  I think I might have just had … Continue reading

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Big News

Nope – I’m not pregnant.  Sorry to disappoint. But I do have big news.  Very, very soon, I am going to start writing a blog for Psych Central.  I think I have been too excited/nervous to share the news until … Continue reading

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This Writing Life

Writing is really weird. But it’s weird in good ways. Some times I sit here and I think something, and then I write it out, and the most amazing thing happens… people read it!  If I post it to one … Continue reading

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On Writing and Dreaming and Defining

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a fascination with the written word.  I remember just looking at books, before I could even read more than the most simple of them, and I would put them to … Continue reading

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Why Blog

Hey you, Why don’t you take some of the most intimate and personal thoughts and feelings you experience and share them with the world?  You can call it a blog, and you can share it with people you know as … Continue reading

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A Writer

I’ve been blogging for all of about a week now, so obviously I’m a total expert. What I have learned in all of these seven days is that blogging is fun.  I know that no one is reading it at … Continue reading

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