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Word of 2018: Family

My girls are getting older.  Luckily they are spread out and not doing it all at the same level because let’s be honest — that would be overwhelming.  But still, they are growing up. 2018 will see us welcoming in … Continue reading

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Are We Really Lazy and Selfish??

Lazy and selfish. Those words have been blaring through my mind all day.  I haven’t been able to get away from them.  They are tethered to me like the chains old Marley had to carry around for eternity. They feel … Continue reading

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About Me and Envy

I like words.  A lot.  I like the way some roll of the tongue and bounce around in your ears awhile before lying down and resting somewhere comfortable in your brain. I like their meanings.  I like contemplating ideas – … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Nope

I’ve been thinking recently about life.  Mainly about the difference in my life ten years ago and today. It’s crazy to think that I’m the same person who lived the life I did ten years ago.  It’s not like I … Continue reading

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Peace in the Everyday

Sometimes I wonder how much of our lives are spent in the pursuit of peace and whether it’s something we can actually find in this life. I think for most of my life, I believed that the path to peace … Continue reading

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All About Control

Sometimes I wonder just how much our feelings and our actions are determined by the amount of control we believe we have over our lives and the level of mastery we believe we are able to achieve in our most … Continue reading

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Attention Captain Obvious

Today I learned a lesson, and yes, this is another lesson that I usually need to learn weekly if not daily.  So brace yourself… this is going to be good. If I spend time doing things I value, I feel … Continue reading

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The Eyes of a Child

I think God might think I’m a bit dense and that He has to hit me over the head with ideas in order for them to get through my thick skull.  And let’s face it; He’s probably right. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Simple Gratitude

Sometimes life just feels heavy.  Every obstacle in front of me feels monumental, and not only that, but it feels like I have to overcome them all with a fifty pound weight on my back.  It’s times like these that … Continue reading

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Voice Voce La Voix

BM (before motherhood,) I was a college English instructor.  In the last few years, I found my niche teaching developmental English for the students who weren’t quite ready for college level writing courses. I took this responsibility very seriously.  I … Continue reading

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