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Word of the Year: Home (Hygge)

So every year, I pick a word of the year.  While it has taken me over four months to write about this word, it has been “home” (or hygge for any Norwegians out there) since the beginning of the year. … Continue reading

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All Nighter

So is it weird that I’ve considered pulling an all nighter to get my house in order? When I was in college, I pulled all nighters a lot.  That was because of procrastination.  I was like a lot of young … Continue reading

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“Been Done” Lists

I’ve decided today that instead of “To Do” lists, I should write “Been Done” lists. It has been a fairly good day today.  No huge tantrums.  No last minute running around before school looking for a uniform or a folder … Continue reading

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Home Organization: My Motivation

Being organized is hard with kids.  It’s really hard.  Okay let’s be honest.  It’s really really hard.  Kids get to live in the moment.  They don’t have to plan for the next hour or really take any responsibility in getting … Continue reading

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How We Organize Our Days

I’ve officially been a stay at home mom now for five years.  So much has changed during those years.  It started out just Magoo and myself.  I remember those early days, me sitting in this chair, feeding her, listening to … Continue reading

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Home Organization Binder

I have a huge confession to make, and to those of you who know me personally, it might come as a shock.  I am horribly, incredibly, and catastrophically disorganized.  The reason this probably will come as a shock is because … Continue reading

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