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As Magoo Turns Seven

There’s this little girl upstairs sleeping.  Well, actually she’s not sleeping.  She’s scouring the ceiling for bugs and reading books she has smuggled into her bed. But still, there is this little girl upstairs. I first met her almost seven … Continue reading

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Goosie at 4

Goosie, I am looking over at you.  You are sitting on the couch with your sisters watching Star Wars while sniffing your white blanky and wearing the birthday crown you got at preschool. To me, that sight is precisely what 4 … Continue reading

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To Magoo as You Turn Five

I have this picture in my mind. You are laying on a baby blanket on the floor, and I am standing over you, camera to my eye, snapping picture after picture after picture. And I have another one of you, … Continue reading

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Goosie at Two

Hi Goose, Tomorrow you turn two. I’ve celebrated quite a few birthdays between you and your sister now, and for whatever reason, this one is the hardest for me. I get a bit teary-eyed thinking about it. In fact, the … Continue reading

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Magoo’s Fourth Birthday

To my Magoo on your fourth birthday, I cannot believe that you are four years old today.  I think back to the day you were born, and it seems like yesterday, and yet I look at pictures of you when … Continue reading

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Sweet Anticipation

I think the best part of the last few weeks of pregnancy are the memories you are creating. Let’s face it.  The third trimester kind of sucks. There are contractions and pain and limited movement, heartburn, fatigue, nausea.  When you … Continue reading

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To Goose on the Day Before Your Birthday

An open letter to my Goose on the eve of your first birthday, Daddy just took you up to bed.  You were nearly inconsolable; it has been a very busy day with your very first birthday party.  You had your … Continue reading

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