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I blog about deliberate, purposeful living and parenting. I'm a bit sappy. I mostly like to talk about ideas that inspire me to more effectively live and interact with the world around me. Sometimes I try to be funny, but there is a slight chance that I am the only one who actually gets my humor.

What Would You Tell A Younger Version of Yourself?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to start this blog post.  Usually when I write I have an idea of what I want to say, and then I sit down at my computer, and some introduction will come to … Continue reading

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Loving Others

I used to fashion myself a hippie of sorts.  I used to use phrases like, “Follow your bliss.”  And “You do you.”  And “love your neighbor as yourself.” They sound good.  They sound liberating and freeing.  They sound happy. But … Continue reading

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Today Just Sucked

Ever just had a really crappy day? It’s not like a catastrophic day.  Nothing bad actually happened.  It just sometimes seems like frustration is constantly around the corner, begging me to indulge it. I couldn’t get my garden to look … Continue reading

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Broken Hearts

A schoolmate of my daughters left this world today. It wasn’t sudden.  Obviously any death of a child is too sudden, but in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t overly so.  She had been battling a nasty tumor that … Continue reading

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Standing in Another’s Pain

Tessie is in the hospital.  She has RSV and viral pneumonia.  This is the 9th day someone in my family has spent in the hospital this year.   It’s not cool. And it’s not cool to see your baby in … Continue reading

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What Mothers Give

They did a May Crowning at my daughters’ school today.  It was a bit of an emotional experience for me because my oldest was doing her first reading at a Mass and my youngest was strapped to me struggling to … Continue reading

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Word of the Year: Home (Hygge)

So every year, I pick a word of the year.  While it has taken me over four months to write about this word, it has been “home” (or hygge for any Norwegians out there) since the beginning of the year. … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot Anxiety

I’m nervous y’all.  And you can tell I’m nervous because I always use the phrase “y’all” when I’m nervous even though I’ve never lived further south than the Chicago suburbs. But I have people coming over to take my picture … Continue reading

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Let Your Light Shine

I wrote a few weeks ago that I was having difficulty with the idea of blogging.  I was letting all of the negative comments get to me.   Some of these comments were written, but most of them never actually … Continue reading

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The Hard Days

So I had an ear infection, and I believe I blew out my ear drum.  I can’t hear much.   I think I could imagine that such an experience could be peaceful – a brief respite from the noise and … Continue reading

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