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I blog about deliberate, purposeful living and parenting. I'm a bit sappy. I mostly like to talk about ideas that inspire me to more effectively live and interact with the world around me. Sometimes I try to be funny, but there is a slight chance that I am the only one who actually gets my humor.

An Honest Answer to an Honest Question

Goosie was cuddled up to me yesterday.  She looked over my shoulder and saw on my screen a picture of a young boy, probably only a year or two old, who was suffering from severe malnutrition.  I could see her … Continue reading

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Post Trauma Fun

So it has been just over two months since TJ was admitted to the hospital. Two months since I saw him lying on the floor after collapsing at Urgent Care.  Two months since I followed the ambulance wondering what was taking … Continue reading

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The Worlds Kids Open for Us

I used to live in a fairly large world.  I lived in a couple of large cities.  I went to college and grad school.  I worked for one of the major advertising firms in the world.  I volunteered and had … Continue reading

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To Be a Woman

So it is International Women’s Day.  I don’t think I ever previously knew such a day existed, but considering the planned Day Without a Woman, it has been on my mind a lot today. I didn’t participate in the Day … Continue reading

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Raising Little Women

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be raising four little girls one day, I probably would have thrown up. When I’m reminded these days that I’m raising four little girls, the panic sets in. … Continue reading

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The Politics of Listening

I don’t shut up well. I’m horrible at it. I think I might have been born without the physical structure that stops our mouths from moving or our hands from writing when the situation warrants it. I spent years voicing … Continue reading

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I went to Best Buy today to buy a new band for my Apple Watch.  It was a birthday present from my parents, and I had been looking forward to getting it for awhile. I got over to the appropriate … Continue reading

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Grateful For Us

It’s kind of been a rough couple of weeks.  I had just finished running some errands for TH and had finished dropping everyone where they needed to go, and I was in the car with Tessie on my way to … Continue reading

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Bring On 2017!

Every year on New Years, we hear “new year, new you!” It sounds so enticing. After all, a new year is a new start. What could be better than to start off the year as a brand new person… a … Continue reading

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Being a Wife

Catholics believe in vocations, and the most common vocation is that of marriage.  It happens to be the one I was chosen to and that I chose.  And please let me tell you that I suck at it.  I’m not … Continue reading

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